Golf in Layman's Terms

Starting in the golf business in the late ’90s, I always thought that a career in teaching the game would best suit me. As luck would have it, my career path started me on a journey of success and achievement as a Club Professional at some of the country’s finest private clubs. Teaching was a pivotal aspect to all my positions but not yet at the forefront.

Then, I left my position as Head Golf Professional to open my own business. Teaching was supplemental, but as I gave more and more private lessons, I understood more about my philosophy. I knew what I had was unique because students would tell me how original my ideas were, and their success was coming easier and easier. Each night I would write about what I learned and how I helped each person and wondered how I could help more people achieve success.

Golf in Layman’s Terms represents a lifetime of learning and teaching. My goal is to present the simplest, most effective way to learn the game of golf. This was the guiding principle in my original teaching philosophy that I developed as a young golf student over twenty years ago. I believe my program accomplishes the goal I set out to achieve and also, that there is nothing else like it. I am so excited to share this with the world and to help golfers find their best games.

-David Layman